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I love the web.archive.org site !

Just saw this page from the original Swans site and it absolutely made me smile :


“SWANS are an amazing creative force that have shaped my
attitudes towards music, sound, and in the larger picture, life. I could
write volumes about each of their releases, but instead I will
shamelessly name-drop like a proper Hollywood fuck. I am currently
working on a Tom Cruise movie called “Jerry Maguire” and one of the first
times I met him was in my office. He was mulling around looking at the
pictures on my wall when he came to the autographed photo of Jarboe (the
one on the back of “Sac. Cake). He saw the autograph and assumed she was
an actress he needed to know about, so he goes “She looks interesting.
Who is she?” I said she was a really good musician in a band called
SWANS. Unbelievably, and intuitivly, he said something that would totally
sum up my feelings for Michael, Jarboe and their entire body of work. He
said “Hmmmmmm”
Scott Martin
Los Angeles, CA USA – Tuesday, October 15, 1996 at 01:17:18 (EDT) “