Man Of Hate

Take pity please Lord Misery
How shiny your throne as you view the stage
Oh Majesty you flatter
See before you o this our humble play
Applaud the dance such innocence
Before you have mercy a man of hate
We sing for thee Lady Destiny
How bloody our knees as we kiss your name
Oh can it be kind blasphemy
Anoint pray your servants’ offering
This imminence such innocence
Before you have mercy a man of hate
We claim it’s not our fault
We’re actors in our guilty mission
For shame is in the thought
Not our pretty submission
Reveal my good confession
What I hope to gain
I admit to grand obsession
Breathing in my veins
Watch lovers there
Pull out their hair
So slowly to rise towards the sky
One plucks feathers
From wings leather
His luck is decreed by Angel Cain
It’s not too late
Open the ruby gate
Show mercy before this man of hate
Thus is our tale
Of woe and wail
We tried to enact so faithfully
But human kind so frail is blind
Our failings do fall
As the axe does swing
Oh imminence bleed innocence
Tormented behold we’re all men of hate
Bleed innocence such innocence
Behold I’m a man of hate