August 30, 2000

tonight i am thinking about a friend and wishing her well.

August 27, 2000

August 27 3:00 a.m.

Coming soon- a section about Disburden Disciple ONE which is the beginning of the series of cds I am doing with the concept of healing and the search for ‘fulfillment.’

We will have sound samples and some lyrics and a new photo of me with this shorter and lighter hair. The process of transforming my outer self is intentionally part of the concept of Disburden Disciple with every cover a portrait documenting the phases. By the final cd of the series of DD, I will look remarkably different from the portrait on this first c.d. The idea is to go more and more towards the light with each portrait.

Very few people have heard the finished first volume of this series. I am very close to the material yet I can hear the evolution that has taken place from Anhedoniac and the hints of where I am going.

What I am writing now and what will be thrown into the mix with the following DD releases appears on this first cd. Melodies , rhythms. textures in an unexpected way perhaps….and even a tribute to Uriah Heep at the end of a track !

Ms. Renee Nelson and I will begin rehearsels tonight for CMJ New York in October. We are planning an intimate special performance of piano and voice – (quite unlike The Living Jarboe in January at the Knitting Factory with full rock band arrangements). We both realize the chaos and craziness that awaits us. Come out and support us if you can get to NYC ! IN the audience, here is what I want you to do: Whoop and holler ! cheer, wildly applaud us!

We will each give you a kiss and a hug if you do!

And wear the new Living Jarboe tshirt and you will get a lipstick imprint on your copy of DD ONE !

PREYER, the project with Nicole Boitos . A beautiful silk bag with lovely drawings and text fragments. Put them all out in front of you since they are intentionally not bound! And look for ‘hidden meaning.’ psychedelic, baby…

Tonight when I was walking the trail in my Reeboks, a black snake shimmied by my feet. Last night another kind of black snake was in my dream. Whats with these black snakes already? IS that witch casting spells again? Did I ever tell you my witch story? I will in a future Artery…..

And hey – the guy who posted about my ‘rock’ ness? That is a compliment on the highest order for me. Heres the secret, I am a Rocker at heart ! That is why I joined Swans – because to me they rocked so Hard…


August 24, 2000

23 August

How to begin…………Tonight in Atlanta, I stood on a balcony above the stage in a completely packed concert house known as the Tabernacle to witness a show from the current tour of A PERFECT CIRCLE.. The new band from songwriter/ producer / visionary/ guitarist Billy Howerdel and lyricist / vocalist /performer Maynard James Keenan. Flawless musicianship from Josh Freese and Troy Van Leeuwen ………… and the most sensual and graceful woman in rock I have seen since Nancy Wilson of Heart, the amazing Paz Lenchantin. The inclusion of this talented woman in this project is a stroke of brilliance. She brings so much to this show. Watching her is like watching a proud wild mare throwing back her mane and rearing up on her hind legs before galloping off fierce , elegant, and free. She has a female vocabulary in her style which is refreshing and inspiring. Instead of using the male vocabulary which so many women musicians have used, Paz is completely feminine in all the strong fearless ways a woman should be . I applaud her presense in rock. Women musicians – go see this show and get an education.

And then there is Maynard.

This is someone I have only just met and yet feel a bond. This was my first time seeing Maynard perform and directly feeling his sexual energy. The first reference that comes to mind with regard to this sexual energy is Jim Morrison. Watching Maynard dance and undulate in personification of Rock Singer but not in a campy way — even in his hip hugger bellbottims and long blonde wig—-is to watch a spirit channeling the lust and androgyny of the rock star—the male / female energy of star power. He is a very aware energy. And everything he said to me the night before about a certain ……I will name it ‘hunger’— on the road–made sense.

As the show plays homage to “Rock” in subtle and obvious ways, I found it intelligent and amusing and sexy and romantic … things I personally love about rock.

Thank you again for the dedication during the show tonight MJK. You got me wet. Eyes, too.


August 21, 2000

21 August 2:45 a.m.

Driving home tonight on the interstate in a thunderstorm during a torrential downpour. when trucks zoomed by, the water shot up over my truck . it was like driving through a river. I drove over an hour like this with my flashers on barely able to see the road or what was around me.

My shoulders are still full of tension. Is there anyone out there who will give me a back massage? I feel like I’m wearing this tension. It is a living thing attached to my back, shoulders, and neck.

When I get home, an hour and a half later, the storm has left my area and there is a fresh and gentle wind moving the tree tops and I stand in my driveway and close my eyes and listen to the crickets and the cicadas and sense the full psychedelic effect of that incredible ‘sensurround’ sound. The tones mixed by the breeze stimulate part of the brain and it sounds ancient and alien and disconcerting – as it sounds comforting.

I have a strong sense of aloneness ; a strong sense of myself tonight. And a strong sense of history and the knowledge that all of the emotions I have felt in the past have come and gone.

They are gone.

And the time has come to put together another show for New York !

August 17, 2000


It’s a good thing to be open to criticism and not resentful and defensive to it. Sure it can hurt. But so what? I was told tonight that my self -growth is not progressing at a sufficient level. It’s a gift to hear and take into consideration such observations from a person you trust. I realize that I must let those words touch me but not let them affect my self -esteem or confidence even though I will think about ways to grow .

and remember. no matter what. you are alone on this earth. don’t compromise your inner dialogue with yourself , your inner love and caregiving to yourself.

tend to your heart.

no one and nothing is worth so much for you to betray that…..


August 13, 2000

August 13

track listing for Disburden Disciple . vol 1 OF 4 :

1. bound 2. consume me 3. dear 666 4. kiss of life 5. scorpion 6. under 7. the seance 8. forbid 9. forgive 10. scarification 11. pure war

subject matter: cannibalism. bondage. resusitation.possession. scars. = love

August 10, 2000

august 10

living dangerously.

online during a thunder and lightning storm.

but theres a cool caressing breeze which means: no mosquitos.

the hammock is calling.

finished DD volume one of four btw available here in september

around 67 minutes long

11 tracks

“we trace the scars of our life…”


August 7, 2000

august 7

its 3:00 a.m. and several little crickets are crawling around exploring my macintosh as i once again hear the chorus of cicadas outside the window. i ‘d love to have a web-cam in here so anyone who is interested can see my ‘”live” as i write these things…

this afternoon was spent in the business section of Borders books reading about entrepreneurship and business plans.

tonight , i’ve been listening to the pieces that will go on the first of the Disburden series in preparation for mastering on wednesday. choosing between mixes and determining cross-fades, etc. trying for the right combination for this introduction to what will be a 2 and possibly 3 cd set all under the theme of Disburden Disciple.

hey- it’s been brought to my attention that it was most probably Maynard of Tool / APC who was quoted in that Terrorizer article i mentioned. i plan on attending the concert of A Perfect Circle here in atlanta, btw. as always, thanks to the personal replies to what i write here (and based on what is written, there are some very smart and perceptive people out there who come to this site) and also to the inquiries as to when that list of coming projects on my home page is finally going to be available! i’m working on it , believe me —and it will be very soon now .

keep me posted.

love my reeboks.


August 3, 2000

August 3 2:08 a.m.

forgive the following typos i know i will probably make because i am sleepy!

sitting here at my desk in front of the wall of open windows listening to the cicadas and the mixes of new material from Disburden Disciple at a low volume from my apple computer cd player. i’m finally going to make Disburden available to the visitors of my site very soon and i am really looking forward to it. TANK will be doing the design for the cd as well as the redesign of my website. i will also launch an email subscription list for updates courtesy of Todd Zino who created the secure online ordering and this artery secion of the site —also man about town mr. Michael Overstreet has been a huge help in updating both this site and the SWANS site.

i’m about to give Mr. Overstreet recent photos taken at the Pink Dots show and CMJ and a bunch of other cool stuff to post for both sites.

i will have some news for those of you can make it to atlanta for a fun event coming up this fall for which i will be a part off with a special performance. can’t say any more yet. will email certain persons in my address book (i save the emails of special letters i get every week) and hopefully some of you will consider traveling because i’d like to greet you in person if you are reading this.

oh—and those threats i was getting? they stopped after i mentioned them here ! so..? interesting? maybe i scared them off!

what else?…………. my good friend Mitch from the killer band, Pineal Ventana , helped me enter the golden realm recently. Thanks Mitch!

and gal Penny and I had a chat last week in that most intimate of spots, The Cleremont Lounge after Mr. Tim Hale and Penny and I stopped by the POLARIS . THE HIPPEST PLACE IN ATLANTA HANDS DOWN. does it have a scene? NO but its still the real deal in terms of architecture and and vibe and if you scene makers/organizers in ATL have a clue you will use this space for your events. Fortunately I don’t think those folks read Artery so my favorite place is safe!

Oh yeah, a nod to Billy Howerdel of the new acclaimed project, A Perfect Circle, for his words about SWANS in the August issue of the U.K. magazine, Terrorizer. Thanks very much Billy.

And also past due thanks to all those who read and work for Terrorizer for naming Swans in the best of the decade list.


July 31, 2000

July 31

First, a shameless endorsement and a big kiss to Joshua at the Reebok company. I love my fantastic work-out boots and running shoes.

Last night, 80 mph on the interstate in a downpour. The cab of the truck is cold with the a/c and I’m performing an intellectual exercise; analyzing a modern soul/groove sound as it slinks from the speakers. The filtering/ processing on top of the mix- something done in the mastering- makes the sound quality synthetic / blurry as if behind an audio veil.

It is hard to me to listen to it (I am not making any qualitative statement of the performance or composition)—-even though I think the purpose of this veil is to be soothing and addictive —–and as the next song comes on with the same veil on top of the mix, I am aware of my actual suffering as I no longer in my mind run through the possible sound tools / effects that have been thrown on top of the music but realize that for me to listen to this is an act of endurance.

Something not synthesized but REAL – in the same genre – like Motown or Aretha Franklin or even something like the string sound on the guitar on my own song ‘Honey’ from Anhedoniac- would be as fresh and full of life as the rain – charged air as I shut off the music and the a/c , roll down the window, and BREATHE IN to my full lung capacity…

aaaaaaaaa hhhhhhhhh.

………………………………………………………………… ………………………………..