in process and on the way…

this “artery” is text. it’s interesting because all of the artery entries were *text only* for years. (you can read them on the artery archives on this website.) i treated the artery like a personal journal and often it was as pouring my heart out to a friend. this was pre-social media takeover. if you were interested in…say… what a musician/artist/performer was up to, you would visit their own website. now it feels like a crowded competition of in your face attention grabbing posts on the social media platforms. living outside of these platforms has actually become secondary to many to what was their “real” life before…

i have decided to mostly take a backseat to the noise in hopefully an elegant manner.

real life for me is ten miles a day on the bike and yoga. i do a ritualistic energy purge of the day’s stress in meditation.

creative output : I have begun new recordings and will make them public when they are ready. in April, an album i recorded long ago will available under my own name as an LP and a digipak cd and on streaming sites.

i hope to tour Europe again which can only happen if the health status of this world allows it.

Under the Sea Goddess

detail of Underwater Goddess painting created with ripped Japanese paper, thorns, small jewels, watercolor, acrylic, glaze