“Sacred Disciple Wannabe” from ‘ANHEDONIAC’

“Sacred Disciple Wannabe” from ‘ANHEDONIAC’

You’re burnin’ me – yeah you’re burnin’ me
You’re a sacred disciple wannabe
You’re playing the fool now you’re wearing those clothes
You’re dressing for him – How could you do it?
Don’t you feel shame for giving in
Don’t you feel shame – oh well I knew it…
Well I knew it was coming – I was ready for it
When you jumped … to his every beckon call
Want to get on your feet again
Get back up on your feet again
I was crying for you then again
Your good heart turning cheap…
He’s the black in the cave –
His red women are Dracula’s brides
But to call him a vampire will only romanticize
So let’s call him The Junkman – the corrupt man
Now let’s see him for what he really is – Charon who’ll take you…
Across the River Styx
Yeah he’ll take you to the other side
And you won’t find your peace
Yeah he’ll take you to the other side…
As he watches you bleed…
For your good heart – I was crying
For your good heart – I was crying
For your good heart – turnin’ cheap


May 7, 2019 various

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with Father Murphy live in Pistoria, Italy
photo credit: NUB