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July 4, 2000


June 29, 2000

June 29 finally, rain a letter from obsessive delusion an email from a ghost a poem from a memory …………………………………………………………… and I’m seeing you but you aren’t here. and I’m hearing you but you aren’t here. and I’m FEELING you but you aren’t here

June 26, 2000

June 26 it’s a beautiful night. there’s a slight breeze. it’s dusk. i have music in my head …….and a heavy heart. it’s like just getting over ……or about to come down with illness. you know what i mean? when you don’t have an appetite and your mind is racing? going for a walk.

June 24, 2000

June 24 there comes the time when a decision has to be made and even if you are not positive it is the right decision, you begin to feel that in order to move forward, you will have to take the chance. there have been so many horror stories circulating lately about the music business… Read more »

June 23, 2000

so that the loss of your heart does not kill me i’m pushing my body i’m forcing my lungs to breathe out fear wraps itself around my thoughts the panic that sets in is familiar but unwelcome i’ve been here before there is a romantic myth protected in the back of a young girl’s mind… Read more »

June 22, 2000

Is the magic and mystery of a performer and / or artist dimmed when they come across in a ‘down to earth’ fashion and make you feel so comfortable that you can approach them like an old friend? When can you say ‘no’ without inner doubts as you battle the old foolish desire of wanting… Read more »

June 19, 2000

Monday June 19 Francis Ford Coppola : “If you are a serious artist, your work will be about you. There’s no other way.” I haven’t posted for several days because I have had a lot to absorb after attending CMJ on Friday and Saturday as well as numerous emais to my friends and mentors around… Read more »

June 16, 2000

The responses to that last Artery were wonderful and actually….enlightening. I can’t thank you enough guys. Whatever sex you are… Last night in my walk around the golf course on the Path especially for walkers, joggers, there were a group of Moslem women speaking Arabic dressed all in black from head to toe in this… Read more »

June 14, 2000

This is for the people who took the time out to post on the guestbook today. I carefully read what you wrote and I sincerely appreciate it. So tonight, I am “going from the sublime to the ..” you name it: Today was damn hot in Atlanta ——–and Renee (beautiful and talented singer and musician… Read more »

June 13, 2000

So tonight, I’m wishing I had a big hug from you and you look into me with love. ….What is it like where you are? Is there music playing? What are you feeling? Frequently I think I feel things too deeply. I was thinking today about my brother who died when I was only twenty…. Read more »