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October 6, 2000

Oct 6 A CAM COMING SOON !!!!!!!!!

October 4, 2000

Oct 4 i am again pushed out of the nest of what i think is my life to test yet another pair of new wings. i have had a very large number of wings in my life so far. someone i value as my close friend and that i have also longed to love and… Read more »

October 3, 2000

Oct 3 11:02 a.m. I have a new favorite word. I mean I LOVE this word. The word is: J E T T I S O N X

October 2, 2000

Oct 2 So its come down to this. And i don’t know what to do. you say you are desperate and you need me to give you this thing. How can I make what you need appear out of thin air? Be careful taking favors or gifts or loans from those who tell you what… Read more »

September 29, 2000

Sept 29 today an interview by phone for a forthcoming article by writer Jay Babcock on loud volume in rock music in Mojo magazine. talked about the early shows in Swans when the ceiling above the stage would rain paint chips and dirt just from the amps. .. and ‘the loudest band in the world’… Read more »

September 28, 2000

Sept 28 Killer t-shirts are here . I would like to hear stories about anything unusual that happens to you while wearing it . Please post on the guestbook so others can read it. Tonight I am thinking about Vienna and the three young blonde men who serenaded me under my hotel room window after… Read more »

September 27, 2000

Sept 27 One of the good things about touring ‘off the beaten path’ is that you see so many wonderful towns unexplored by tourists and unexploited by commercialization. You have unpredictable adventures. One such ‘”if they could see me now’” was this tiny place in southern Norway called Boe. The journey in the bus was… Read more »

September 26, 2000

Sept 26 There is all this talk in the media about people wanting instant downloadable music —– but when we sent out our own research from the sites, the overwhelming response was that they loved holding the object in their hands complete with the artwork presentation . After thinking this over, I realized that the… Read more »

September 25, 2000

Sept 25 If you subscribe to the discussion list, yes for some reason it has been down for several days. We have notified support. Hopefully it will be resolved soon? I’m not inspired tonight. i can see too clearly. I feel weight bearing down upon me and very very mortal . and there are… Read more »

September 23, 2000

Sept 23 wow. the legend lives on ! the Swans site has just clicked over once again to all zeros and so now — to two million plus hits. two million and 405 as I write this! the webmaster will need to change the one to two as the only thing that is automated is… Read more »