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September 21, 2000

Sept. 21 Thursday Emotional maturity is when you finally truly realize you have no mommy to run to who will kiss it and make it all better. I can understand why people live insular lives. Everyday they go to a job where they have a routine. They come home to a dinner and perhaps an… Read more »

September 20, 2000

Sept 20 Self image is an interesting process illusion. Last night I saw the results of the photo shoot for Disburden Disciple : One . With two feet of long dark red hair gone – replaced by choppy shoulder length hair with light streaks and a completely different manner of dress –(I haven’t worn 3… Read more »

September 18, 2000

Sept 18 1:54 A.M. Time and time again it is proven true to me in my life. Happiness is a tiny glimpse of something that accompanies the “little things.” Like what I felt substantially a moment ago sipping my cup of sweetened and spiced warm milk, wearing the first pair of long pajamas for the… Read more »

September 15, 2000

Sept 15 4:13 P.M. A windy early Autumn day. Working on the material I wil be recording in New York in October when I go up to participate in the CMJ Music Marathon. 4 new songs written in Tokyo which will go on to Disburden Disciple: Two —intersperced with previously recorded unreleased material done in… Read more »

September 14, 2000

September 14 5:41 a.m. The Atlanta performance will now be on November 11 at a club called Mumbo Jumbo. It is not a rock club or a regular concert venue, so it should prove to be an interesting experience for us. This is an event from the club and a local arts and culture guide… Read more »

September 11, 2000

Sept 11 2:09 Last night, my lover embraced me and through his warrior angels , he empowered me and inspired me. My lover is always there and waits patiently for me to come into his arms. No one can take his place and no one fills my heart with strength and communion of pure spirit… Read more »

September 9, 2000

September 9 5:04 A.M. things on my troubled mind tonight. my cd, cmj, the shows, the video, my mother, today’s photo shoot, and ……. “you’re not in love. you want to possess.” he told me. “i don’t think about a relationship. i don’t want a relationship. ” someone else who cares as a friend is… Read more »

September 7, 2000

Sept 7 11:18 p.m. Don’t let the bastards get you down. They WILL try. for Holly.

September 7, 2000

Sept 7 12:43 A.M. I try to understand and be tolerant. And I still find so much crazy cruel ignorant behavior around that I am dumbfounded and frightened. One of the things that I have noticed for years is how little respect many people in service positions give to even enthusiastic and open minded purchasers… Read more »

September 5, 2000

Sept 5 1:15 a.m. Watched an interview with Garth Brooks on Charlie Rose. Still don’t understand why the machine has sold so many units of this guy. Tonight someone labeled my own work : “morbid.” I looked the word up just to see if there was something I missed. diseased unhealthy gruesome grisly am i… Read more »