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May 19, 2000

I saw a new book tonight : Melody Maker- History Of 20th Century Popular Music (Bloomsbury Press). It contains passages about Swans. Tonight I have been thinking about how important it is to take time out to reflect on what kind of person we have become. There are blind spots that others can see but… Read more »

May 16, 2000

Atlanta. This jet-lag is crushing… Returned home to find the rosebush M.G. planted for me in full bloom in the front yard. Read first review of Blackmouth today in Outburn magazine. My first entirely pro-tools project. All vocals sound files into the Mac. Got a letter from MG where he says this is the only… Read more »

May 9, 2000

May 10 Tokyo Photos to be posted soon from this trip. I have enjoyed my stay immensely and have made new friends. I’ll carry with me the unforgetable sound of the hanging foot long prayer cards made from wood flapping in the breeze at the temples , the unique taste of the thick green tea… Read more »

May 7, 2000

May 8 Tokyo Yesterday, a long train ride to visit temple grounds which included meditation halls scented with years of rich sweet incense , gardens with sublime elements like a pond in the shape of a letter representing ‘mind’, graveyards with the statues known as ‘stoneghosts’ and air filled with jasmine and hyacinth and cranes… Read more »

May 6, 2000

May 6 Tokyo Tonight was huge screens and neon and street fashion. This afternoon was a visit to artist Trevor Brown and the privledge of seeing a painting in creation stage as well as other beautiful work. (His site is linked.) Right now, sleep is seducing me. J

May 4, 2000

Tokyo March 5 7:20 A.M. Visited 3 temples yesterday and met dancer Shakti. Her current production Woman In The Dunes is the one Severin wrote the score for and for whom he asked me to sing ‘I Put A Spell On You’ We met at a popular hangout by a street bridge where there… Read more »

April 27, 2000

4/27/00 Thank you Todd and M.O. 12:51 A.M. Light. With ARTERY, I come closer to the personal and spontaneous. Not just talking about my work , but also thoughts and observations of an everyday nature…..Since the site was launched, some of the highlights thus far : I’ve written and recorded MORE material for my upcoming… Read more »