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“Sacred Disciple Wannabe” from ‘ANHEDONIAC’

SACRED DISCIPLE WANNABEYou’re burnin’ me – yeah you’re burnin’ meYou’re a sacred disciple wannabeYou’re playing the fool now you’re wearing those clothesYou’re dressing for him – How could you do it?Don’t you feel shame for giving inDon’t you feel shame – oh well I knew it…Well I knew it was coming – I was ready… Read more »

May 7, 2019 various

Soundtracks For The Blind 4 LP Box Set edition that I am personalizing with paints mixed from imported pigments and my handmade glaze with local sourced mica as well as gold dust is currently on back order so I have disabled the order button in the shop. If you want to send an email, you… Read more »