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…spent the better part of the day today –  ( started at 7 a.m.)  trying to figure out *why*  there is a lack of  integration between website and the  site that holds accounts and the apps that  act to allow that integrity. I have a theory now and will pursue it. Theory. and I will… Read more »


I got up this morning and have been tweaking/revising, (refining audio started many weeks ago) – for 11 hours to meet  project deadlines. For example, I fine tuned the pitch of an electric piano to  an air horn that one of the video artists had in their footage. This has been a great process and… Read more »


( and Thanks to Andrew Wales for sending this passage) “The Tao is that which first lets in the light, then the dark. Occasions the interplay of the two primal forces so that there is always renewal. The universe will never be extinguished because just when the darkness seems to have smothered all, to be… Read more »


I’m pleased the magnificent Blackmouth album is now available on iTunes. If you don’t have this in your collection of my work, get it now!

So…here is my personal assessment about life. There are these moments in time of pure magic. In these moments a person is “in the zen” and utterly alive /aware. These are the moments defining whom one truly is…These moments are precious. These moments are rare. They occur only when we ” wake up “from the… Read more »

December 2, 2015

Its amazing that its December already. I’ve been so busy in 2015 that it flew by me without pausing. I’m grateful for so many things now and not the least of which is this new website. I am feeling so connected to my online presence now and the mobility and spontaneity of updating the site… Read more »

a different now

It’s necessary in my opinion to be mindful how one spends one’s time. Many factors go into the creative process. Creative people may be sensitive people. Therefore creative people may be wise to realize the effect all things can have on their creative process. There are a number of things I would erase if I… Read more »