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Steven Severin

Steven Severin is impeccably well-mannered and refined. He is also witty, an amazing bassplayer, composer, and author. When I first met him, and we ‘shook’ hands in greeting, I thought he was the embodiment of Lestat from the A.Rice novels. He wore lush velvets and a long black leather coat…The flesh of his hand was… Read more »


When I was living/working in New York and visiting Atlanta, I was sure to catch local cable TV to see this bizarre and fascinating show with the one and only DeAundra Peek. DeAundra is a captivating and surreally charismatic persona. Her zest and humor is infectuous. She has the same affect on me as a… Read more »

Roni Sarig

Roni Sarig has recently added the publication of of his recent tome THE SECRET HISTORY OF ROCK to his credentials, alongside a list of regional music publications. This conversation followed a short set that I performed with Michael Bradley to help announce and celebrate the recent publication. JARBOE : First of all, I enjoyed the… Read more »

Paz Lenchantin

Paz Lenchantin is a bassplayer, violinist, singer, composer. She is known for her work in the band, A Perfect Circle, and most recently, Zwan. Paz will be featured on three songs on my forthcoming MEN c.d. I love her energy. After a studio session, we took off in her car on the L.A. Freeway. As… Read more »

Mark Spybey

________I seriously doubt vistors to this site need an introduction to Mark Spybey. Dead Voices On Air is a project held in fervent esteem worldwide. Mark made time recently in his extremely busy schedule to share some of his views on subjects I have long thought about asking him. Not yet having the opportunity to… Read more »

Lydia Lunch

When the Lydia Lunch album, Queen Of Siam, first came out, it found a place on my turntable. It personified an urban decadent sound that perfectly expressed the times. It was also dangerous and experimental. I loved it. Only the fate of an illness resulting from my own excessive lifestyle in those days kept me… Read more »


JARBOE: I’m really curious: What music were you listening to as a teenager? BRIAN WILLIAMS: I could lie and say that I was listening to all those bands who were latter considered “cool”, such as The Velvet Underground, The New York Dolls and Iggy Pop etc. But in my early teens (13-14) I was listening… Read more »

Geoffrey Smith

GEOFFREY SMITH has been a medical examiner and 7 years, previous to which he has worked as, among other things, a gallerist . I asked Geoff to talk me about mortality – and with his interest in photographic portraiture, to then also talk about the superstition in some cultures of the ability of the photographer… Read more »

Gary Cifra

This conversation, conducted in parts over the course of many months was generously recorded and transcribed by Jason Savvy. BEGINNINGS When I was young I came from a working class family and we had three books. One was an art book, it had like Blue Boy and went up to Picasso, and it didn’t really… Read more »

Diamanda Galas

a sunny February morning 2002 in New York City, I crossed Houston and headed towards the East Village for breakfast. i.i I had barely taken off my coat when the stunning brunette in dark glasses stepped into the cafe and warmly greeted me with a smile. i.ii This was the beginning of a captivating discussion… Read more »