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Cara Bruce

JARBOE: Let’s start with your background. Tell me about it… CARA: I have always loved writing. Currently I am a Senior Editor at a new women’s sexuality website,, which will be launching this summer. Previous to that I was a Senior Editor at, a great pop-culture subversive magazine. Before that I worked as… Read more »

Auriea Harvey

Around the time I was buying my very first Mac in 1997, a friend and designer showed me the website. I began my fascination with not only the work of Auriea Harvey – but the sense of how a website could actually seduce and draw you in to an entirely encompassing world. When I… Read more »

Athan Maroulis

ATHAN MAROULIS is both a vocalist (Executive Slacks, Spahn Ranch), A&R for the recording label, Cleopatra, and manages a division of Cleopatra called Stardust. He wears both hats well and my impression of him is that he is charming, well-mannered, and very refined. One of my numerous (well-hidden) tattoos also happens quite coincidentally to be… Read more »

Aline Capelli Vagas

I first became interested in formal spiritual practice that incorporated hallucinogens when I was in college and met a group of persons in Taos, New Mexico who participated in pow-wows with elements of the Native American Church and thus, peyote. It was also around this time that I read Carlos Castenada and Magister Luidi by… Read more »

Scott Martin

On a January 2001 day that began at dawn and ended long after the sun had gone down, I was an invited guest on the set of Vanilla Sky at Paramount Studios. There, I had the fascinating experience of participating in the filming of a “party scene” which included three of the stars of the… Read more »

Tara VanFlower

The story of Lilith (a wild woman with inhuman blood- who was thought to be part snake*) is sadly misrepresented by the well-known Lilith Fair concerts. If there were going to be a concert lineup in the true spirit of Lilith and what compliments this aesthetically, an obvious choice is Diamanda Galas- but also in… Read more »

+ Mark Spybey IRC : 7.15.98

+ Mark Spybey IRC : 7.15.98 Session Start : Wed Jul 15. 00:11:27 * Logging #dvoa to ‘#dvoa.log’ <whitey> Jarboe: why israel? <film> : jarobe : how long have you been working on this rekkid with : spybey : ? : <teknoeden> jarboe, tell us about working with that chemical symbol for morphine band (John… Read more »