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D I S B U R D E N  D I S C I P L E

Contemplative dark music for the modern world :
Jarboe is back with perhaps her most hauntingly beautiful album yet. Recorded in both Israel and Atlanta, DISBURDEN DISCIPLE has a minimal feel and smooth elegance. Every element is precisely placed and designed for a reason, with no frilly extras to clutter things up. Jarboe’s music is legendary for its scope and emotion. Few other performers show the firghtening reality of pain and emotion as poignantly as she does. While not as painfulor disturbing as her previous release ANHEDONIAC, Disburden Disciple is no less moving, with poetic lyrics and emotional vocals exploring love, the pain of life, and death. Jarboe’s voice goes through many transformations and is often used creatively as an instrument, as in the opening track ” Bound”. the second track, “Consume Me” has an enchantingly beautiful melody with its grooving bass and sweet vocals. Some of the other highlights include the delicate ” Kissof Life” which features atmospheric guitar, chimes and haunting vocals, the gothic waltz of “under” with its magnificent organ melody, dark lyrics, and wolf samples, and the lush acoustic guiat and serene vocals on “Forbid”. The most chilling song on the CD is the final track, ” Pure war”, partly because of its relevance to the dramatic state of conflict in Israel. At its forefront are trance-inducing beats, vocals and spoken samples, which are enriched by rough textural ” field recordings” from Jerusalem, Ramallah and bethlehem, and finally brought to life by the simple yet profound lyrics,” I want to teach you love, I want to touch the pure war inside you”. Overall, Disburden Disciple is a remarkable and breathtaking release that anyone who has ever appreciated Swans or Jarboe’s previous solo work MUST get their hands on.

– Octavia