© 2002


J A R B O E : D I S S E C T E D

The collection of remixes by such illustrious sonic masters as Lustmørd, Thread, Burnt Media, PCP, and others, offers the refracted side of Jarboe, multi-dimensional, from the center of her burning blue broken heart. This is not a heart that pines, but a heart that rages and celebrates its brokenness with violent tenderness.

Unlike many collections that features multi-talented remixers, Jarboe never gets swallowed in the monstrous well of a sonic tapestry. It is at times tormentingly beautiful (“Kiss of Life,” acoustic version), (“Killer”: Dusted Angel Mix ), frightening (“The Inner Geometry of Murder”), industrially ambitious (“Gun: Mosquito”) and elegant (“Dear 666 Sexpartite”), which is what makes this, as an album, a prismatic showcase of Jarboe’s multi-faceted vision. The strength that is always visible in her work, always offering, always demanding. But on Dissected, Jarboe offers us the heart she wears on her sleeve as an instrument of trust and stunning of ravaged beauty. From top to bottom, the notion of evolutionary process is never evident, this collection is seamless in its structure, burrowing not down into the listener’s psyche but out into the context of a world where a new sonic palette is virtually limitless, where the emotional depth mined and displayed is apparent yet fathomless, and, finally, where the dense, labyrinthine musicality of this devastatingly naked artist is peerless.

This is a world opened on Dissected, an album that must be encountered and experienced not merely heard; in the words of the late poet Ted Berrigan, it is utterly “marvelous, feminine, and tough.”

Thom Jurek