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spring/summer 2003

J A R B O E : D I S S E C T E D
Rating : 10 out of a possible 10

Taking into account the full body of music that Jarboe has offered over the years, both solo and with her time in Swans, it would be hard to focus all of the sounds and ideas into one cohesive category. It also wouldn’t be fair to embrace Jarboe’s music as indie, but since it doesn’t fully embrace rock, goth, or the scattered tendencies of experimental, then what is it ? Jarboe’s latest release, DISSECTED, is a remix collection of some of her past work, and the range of sounds and interpretations only adds to the cloud of confusion in categorizing her music. Using the talents of Lustmord, Thread, PCP, and Burnt media, among others, Jarboe’s music is manipulated from subtle atmospheres to sonic electronic mastery. Each track has a unique pulse, giving DISSECTED a life of its own while still beautifully preserving the haunting nature of Jarboe’s thoughts and musical musings. Ranging from electronic , to industrial, to gothic, and atmospheric, DISSECTED does not disrupt the visions of Jarboe and leaves her stunningly tortured soul as striking and uncompromising as it always has been. DISSECTED is clearly not a place to start your introduction to Jarboe’s music, but if you are a longtime fan, it will certainly provide an enhancement to her nightmarish world.

Joseph Graham