And I still grapple with my old friend, Fear.

This time, I’m in the company of no empathy, no love, and little curiosity.

And they have yet to understand that those very elements are the reasons they will 

not find themselves.

They’ve fallen in love with their own hatred.

You have no choice but to compartmentalize and forget.

You have to do your own work now.

It has been made clear.

Will you be ruthless with your grief? 

Forget your fear and self-hatred.

Caught in  samsara.

Delusions  grandeur.

Fear of the unknown.


Will you be ruthless with your grief ?


when you hold me

your heartbeat is my heart

you look at me

your eyes see to my soul

when you kiss me 

the world has truly gone  away

and when we dance 


a trance 

a trance  

a trance

it is our fate

our fate 

our fate 

The Wanderer

red silk

white moon

holy water

sacred ground

a yellow robe

a wordless poem

in the last house

you are free