Neurosis & JarboeNEUROSIS & JARBOE
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N E U R O S I S & J A R B O E

My knowledge of Jarboe far outstrips what I know of Neurosis, but the blend of their particular pathologies here seems pretty complete. Jarboe is herself; disruptive daughter of the southern swamps, transcending that region’s goth-bogosity through the enormous weirdness of her muse. Neurosis are quite keen here as well, overcoming the clichés inherent in even the blackest metal by wheezing in a way that is simultaneously droney, tribal and caustic. The groove that the band produces is far less monolithic than Swans were, but the feel is similar in parts, and Jarboe draws from all parts of her aesthetic history to join up with it. From the phosphorescent moaning of her earliest cassettes to the eerie candyland mystery of her recent work to hillbilly space whisper worthy of an Alabaman Shakti Yoni, Jarboe’s voice is primed. Which is enough, right?

Byron Coley
BB GUN Magazine