001I San Francisco 1986


note from Jarboe : “I remember this show well, We repeatedly blew the p.a. and the electricity itself over and over. This is the reason for the drop-outs in this recording. The show was very loud and we drew a lot of power from a system. The rider of our requirements was rarely honored and so we had numerous very tension filled experiences like this one. ”


note from creator of digital files from cassette:

This broadcast had some problems with the simucast ofthe show,so there are a few spots
where the signal from the Mabuhay to KALX is lost,i tried to cut out or make them shorter.
Track3 is pretty much a dropped signal and the DJ’s talking,but there is a little bit of
the live show,but it cuts out again. THe last track towards the end sounds like more signal
trouble and wasnt the fault of the transfer,it’s on the cassette.



venue: Mabuhay Gardens37ji

Jarboe at left in black cap, Al behind amp, Michael in white t-shirt.




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