029 Hamburg 1987


the recording is approximately 19 minutes long …


029 is around 20 minutes because it is 3 songs from the “Kings Of Independence” performance:

like a drug
beautiful child
children of god

venue : Knopfs Music Hall


“The ‘Kings of Independence’ tour lasted for two gigs, in Hamburg and Bonn, on Aug 15 & 16 respectively. The Hamburg show resulted in riots due to the venue over-selling approximately 1,000 tickets.  Fans stranded outside decided to burn down the hall in revenge. Backstage conditions were appalling: there was no room for personnel to sit down; the heat was suffocating; and smoke poured in from the fires outside. Everyone present was on drugs, drunk, and out of their minds. The mayhem continued the next day at Bonn, where the tour was called off.”  (Info based on Mick Harvey’s account in Ian Johnston’s Bad Seed – pp 220-221.)

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