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AllMusic Review by Dean McFarlane
“…Swans and Skin vocalist Jarboe’s intense vocal rituals take on a new project somewhat lighter in approach to the devastating thralls of her former group, teaming up with New York multi-instrumentalist Lary Seven on electronics, percussion, and mixed acoustic instrumentation. The pair developed a sophisticated minimalist pop with a dose of exotica and dark humor that will appeal to fans of Bongwater, Sonic Youth, and the like. An excellent release from the New York postmodern pop scene; another Swans-related project that cannot be recommended highly enough.”


Beautiful-People-Ltd-by-Jarboe-and-Lary-Seven-2004-release-rev iewed-by-Pieter-Uys-and-Clair-Cantrell




A groovy album of perverse pop tunes and poetry with multiple voices and eclectic instrumentation.

Warm Liquid Event

Dance Demented

Bebe Marie

A Coruscation

I Feel Pretty



Liquid Bebe Psychedelia

My Bruise

The Witch

I Know You Don’t Like Me

Newborn Child