JUBILATION cdr w. hand-painted costume fragment fabric case.



Case is wrapped in fabric and painted / set with durable fabric paint. All are cut from costumes (recently discovered in storage) created while I lived in NYC and worn both for own shows and during my Swans years.)
The song “Fate” is intended as a bookend to the song “Illusory”
These mixes are part of THE LAB series which is what I call “immediate” items on the website.
“Ominous” has a low frequency moving to convey “process of emerging.” 
“Cintamani” represents process of awakening.
“Fate” references the soul to dialogue with the song entitled “Illusory” – with its words that metaphorically examine Anatta.


These tracks were recorded at the same time of the ‘ Illusory ‘ album* and are to be considered an essential companion to that album.

* The 7 track album entitled ‘Illusory’ will be available beginning April 17 on this website as download as well as multiple online platforms : download, streaming, vinyl, compact disc. The single “Illusory” song is available NOW on streaming and download stores worldwide such as Spotify and Apple Music, iTunes, etc…

Vinyl and cd formats are via the European label, Consouling Sounds. If I have remaining copies after the April-May European shows, I will make them available here.


tracks include : Ominous, Wander, Celestial Orb, Cintamani, Fate, Fate (instrumental).
These songs were intended to be part of the ‘Illusory’ album. I was advised to edit the material for the record to around 40 minutes due to limitations for that edition.

(“Fate” here is an instrumental version – the vocals version is also on Jubilation)