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”…Jarboe on her second solo album again clearly demonstrates her musical abilities as being no less adept than those of her Swans bandmate/partner Gira (whose own solo debut album, Drainland, was released in concert along with Sacrificial Cake). All songs were written wholly by her, excepting a weirdly jaunty, live radio-session take of the Swans track “My Buried Child,” accompanied only by Gira on acoustic guitar. Unlike the constantly varied Thirteen Masks album, Cake has more of a unified feel, being mostly moody and mysterious with echoed or muffled percussion, and it’s all done in a distinctly different way than Swans’ at-times obsessively structured epic pounding. “Ode to V,” for instance, relies on an understated approach throughout, with low keyboard tones and percussive shuffling floating beneath her husky spoken-word recitation and wordless backing vocals. Another quality of her music that gets good play is her ear for, and creative work with, samples; “Surgical Saviour” includes some wonderfully odd reworkings of crowd and orchestral snippets. While familiar religious and sexual imagery and scenarios dominate the lyrics, a more general playfulness appears as well, on such numbers like “Not Logical,” a recitation of desirable qualities that are indeed anything but logical, and on the one actual rocker on the disc, “Deflowered,” a wickedly barbed analysis of what it takes to play the music industry game as a female rock star, along with what you lose along the way. Another equally striking lyrical thread emerges in fairy-tale-like scenarios, as in “Troll Lullaby” and “Yum-Yab”; both sound playful and quite disturbing, in the best children’s story fashion. Not merely an accomplished statement of musical independence, Sacrificial Cake is simply a great album. It should be of interest to anyone who’s unafraid of moving beyond the musical norm.” – Ned Raggett   –

Jarboe’s LP is probably more pretty, but weirder. To hear her enchanting voice whisper about gribbly goblins and mushroom men as you fall asleep at night is nothing short of begging for a night of nightmare lunacy. She has moments of pure beauty, ‘My Buried Child’ and pure horror, ‘The Body Lover.’ These contrasting emotions all add up in both cases to 2 extraordinary albums each of matching brilliance. Worth stealing from a friend for.” –

selected review from ‘ROADKILL’

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M. Gira – Drainland
Jarboe – Sacrificial Cake

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1. “Lavender Girl” 4:37
2. “Ode to V” 7:26
3. “Shimmer” (instrumental) 2:16
4. “My Buried Child” 2:11
5. “Not Logical” 5:26
6. “Spiral Staircase” 4:25
7. “Yum-Yab” 2:55
8. “Surgical Saviour” 4:17
9. “Caché Toi” 0:26
10. “Tragic Seed” 2:13
11. “Troll Lullaby” 3:11
12. “Deflowered” 3:41
13. “The Body Lover” 3:37
14. “Shimmer” 3:18
15. “Act III” 1:46
16. “Troll” 8:45


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