SWANS: SOLD OUT. THE GREAT ANNIHILATOR compact disc painted front & back/signed by jarboe


A reissue of the twelfth remarkable album from SWANS. A seventeen-track symphony of haunting melodies and shifting moods featuring some of GIRA and partner JARBOE’s most haunting and ethereal vocal work. Dissonant, dulcet and dangerous. ┬áDigipack with a lyric book insert.

  1. in
  2. I Am the Sun
  3. She Lives
  4. Celebrity Lifestyle
  5. Mother/Father
  6. Blood Promise
  7. Mind/Body/Light/Sound
  8. My Buried Child
  9. Warm
  10. Alcohol the Seed
  11. Killing for Company
  12. Mother’s Milk
  13. Where Does a Body End?
  14. Telepathy
  15. The Great Annihilator
  16. Out
  17. I Am the Sun (Live at the Flesh Club)

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