ART: COLLECTANEA – assembled writing and images in book-like form



Handmade and labor intensive. This is a personal “wabi-wabi” style art piece in book-like format. Each one is unique. For this reason, it will take several weeks as I select items for you. This eclectic assemblage from many various artifacts may include copied items such as : ┬ájournal entries, lyrics, art/sketches, mementos from tours, copied photographs, scribbled notes from writing and recording music, notes from live performance… held together with ribbons and strings, etc …Some pages are watercolored. Some pages have a deliberate cut. This edition includes the special texts ‘The Feast To Forget Time’ that I narrated at NecronomiCon 2019 which are also among the words on the album ‘Blackmouth Deluxe’ edition.

Signed & Dated.